On the up.

First of all, I’d like to acknowledge the fact that I am terrible at updating this blog! I apologise (to anyone who actually reads this) for that.

This time I have a valid excuse though…I moved house! 😀😀 I finally managed to escape the dilapidated monstrosity of a flat that was draining every inch of life from me. I now live in the City, so have many places I can look for a job (when I feel ready) and am only a few minutes away from actual civilisation, although the thought of socialising at the moment is still very daunting…

Also, I finally have a reason as to why I’m as broken as I am. The many years of emotional manipulation and bullying I suffered through my teens has caused my brain to believe that I’m a piece of shit. I also have a lot of symptoms of BPD but apparently not enough to be diagnosed with it (?) which is a bit of a relief to be honest. I now know that there is the possibility of me getting better; believing that I am actually a nice person…but there’s still a long way to go.

Oh, one last thing – one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had is back in contact. If that’s not enough to make me feel better, then what is?

So things are currently on the up for me. And I like it.

Peace and love to you all ✌💚


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