Fickle Friends

F i c k l e Friends Source: @ficklefriends

One band that I really have been into this month is Fickle Friends. They are a 5 piece band from Brighton, UK and I fell in love with their stuff (they’re kind of Indie Pop ish) pretty much as soon as I heard it. I discovered them early last year from a Youtube channel called ‘The Hyve’ so looked at their own channel and loved all the songs I heard!

Check out their main website to find the links to all of the songs they have on Youtube.

What I like about this band is the heavy influence of synths and the 80’s feel (I keep telling my mum that I was born in the wrong era haha) . They also have an up beat style to them with sweet little guitar riffs, great use of the open high-hat and interesting bass lines.

I think they have a perfect balance between the pitches of the instrument ensemble and the pitches of the vocals – particular the lead singer.

Fickle Friends have released 1 EP called ‘Velvet’ and 8 singles, 1 of which is on the EP. Below is a list of all the songs I could find, and I’ve highlighted my favourites:

  1. Swim (2014)
  2. Play (2014)
  3. For You (2014)
  4. Could Be Wrong (2015)
  5. Say No More (2015)
  6. Velvet (2015)
  7. Paris (2015)
  8. Shake Her (2015)
  9. Swim (2016)*
  10. Cry Baby (2016)
  11. Brooklyn (2016)

*This song was re-released, along with an official video.

So take a moment to check out Fickle Friends on their TwitterFacebookYoutubeSpotify or Instagram!

Peace and love ✌💚


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